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Thread: Help! Pacman hasnít eaten or pooped in about a month

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    Default Help! Pacman hasnít eaten or pooped in about a month

    Hi again everyone, so I recently got a strawberry Pacman from my local pet store, he/ she Is a little bit bigger than a quarter and when the owner dropped in small crickets he devoured them at the shop so I assumed he was healthy. Once I brought him/ her home I put a few crickets in the tank and he went right after them and he did this for about a week (and pooped occasionally). . I then tried giving him a dusted Dubia roach that was bigger than the crickets but not overwhelming. He ate the roach with some struggle keeping it in his mouth but got it down relatively easy. He has not pooped or eaten since then and I am very confused as to how his appetite could have completely turned around 180. He was in damp paper towel at the shop which I quickly changed to eco earth ( which he loved and continued to chase down crickets on without a problem). He hasnít eaten in weeks but he still looks nice and plump like a healthy Pacman should. Iíve given him dechlorinated baths (with and without honey), massaged his sides a little, added a little extra heat, still no poop or desire to eat, and the weirdest thing is that he doesnít feel impacted when I feel his sides. I donít feel any hard lumps on either side but I did flip him on his back for a moment and noticed a small black/ brown dot in his center area closer to his neck/ mouth. Iím not sure if this is an organ, poop, or something else but the fact that he hasnít pooped in this long is starting to worry/ bother me, especially because he is a juvenile and I lost my first ever Pacman as a juvenile from parasites. Any help would be appreciated, thank you!

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    Default Re: Help! Pacman hasnít eaten or pooped in about a month

    Fill out the information from the “trouble in the enclosure” thread. Personally it sounds like an impaction, if his issue started right after he had a Dubia that was too big for him. Might require a vet trip.

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