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    I just wanted to share what I did for my RETF when I discovered what I assumed was a prolapsed cloaca one morning. I first noticed that her eyes were open (which was abnormal) and noticed what looked like a red bump coming out of her bottom end. I actually had to go to work that day so I asked my girlfriend to go to the store and get sugar and distilled water. When she returned home, I then instructed her to add a spoonful of sugar to roughly an inch of water to the bottom of a critter keeper and mix it until dissolved. The RETF was placed in the sugar water for about 20 minutes in which she initially did not want to go in the water then eventually did. During the 20 minutes she was kept in the dark to reduce any further stress. After the 20 minutes passed, the water was emptied out and replaced with a damp paper towel with the sides lightly misted. She remained in the keeper for about another hour and the "bump" was gone. She was gently taken back to her home where she remains to be stable. What might have caused this? My best guess would be that I overfed one night. I accidentally got too many crickets and put them in her terrarium thinking she would still eat a moderate amount, but I was proven wrong. Lesson learned. Only feed what you should feed! Since then her water has been changed daily rather than every other day with reconstituted RO water to help prevent what could have been a dire situation. I hope that this helps anyone who comes across this situation

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