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    Default Hello. I知 new here

    We have an albino African clawed frog. He is about 1 1/2 yrs old. Has always been healthy. We did some remodeling in our home. Covered the tank. We have a 55 gallon tank with 2 fire eels and a few tropical fish and our beloved frog. This tank has been established for about 36 yrs. we do water changes about once a month. We cleaned out our filter. FX4 series from Fluval. After cleaning it and changing the filters. We allowed it to fill up with water from the tank. This caused quite a bit of bubbles and kind of freaked the fish and the frog out, it was our first time ever doing this. Since then. Our frog hasn稚 eaten. He is shedding skin. Very lethargic. And he lost his claws. It has been two weeks now. He still hasn稚 eaten. But he is swimming around again and his claws are growing back. I don稚 know what else to do. Can someone please advise us on this matter.

    Thank you


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    Hi Laura,

    I unfortunately don't know much about African clawed frogs but I wanted to say welcome to the forum. If I were you I would also post this in the forum topic specifically for these types of frogs. Good luck with your froggie.

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