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Thread: baby pacman won’t eat

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    Default baby pacman won’t eat

    purchased a quarter size green pacman from petsmart saturday. placed him in a 2.5 gallon take with eco earth (damp), a pothole and a hide. i also placed a shallow water dish with treated water and a couple crickets. we keep our home in the 70-80 range so i don’t offer any additional heat or light. i noticed this morning that he hadn’t eaten any crickets so i put him in a rubbermaid tote, about 5” high, 12” long and 20” wide. i lined it with paper towels so i could see any bowel movements, placed a hide and added a cricket and a couple meal worms. still hasn’t eaten. not sure if it’s because i’ve been changing his habitat or not. he’s a plump little guy and gets misted twice a day, i also put him in his water dish about once a day and let him hop out when he’s ready.

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    Default Re: baby pacman won’t eat

    Congrats on your new frog!
    Your frog sounds stressed, it's not unusual for them to go a while without eating after being brought home, changing his tank stressed him out again as did moving him into the water dish and directly misting the frog (if you did). He needs to be left alone for a while, make sure that papertowel doesn't get too dry, leave him some food, and don't bother him until it's time to feed him or change his water bowl once a night, have patience and the little guy will be eating in no time.
    Also 70 degrees is a little low, it's normally recommended you don't let the tank get below about 75 degrees at night, try keeping him a little warmer (around 76-79 night 80-83 day ). Hope he starts eating soon!

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    Default Re: baby pacman won’t eat

    ok so this morning when i changed his water bowl i put him in it to soak, he’s still in the bowl and still hasn’t eaten 3 meal worms i added yesterday. i haven’t seen him eat at all and i got him saturday.

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    Default Re: baby pacman won’t eat

    You said you changed his tank just a day ago, he's still recovering from that stress, don't move him around, he'll learn to go into the water bowl on his own and it's unlikely he's used to being picked up at that age, as long as the substrate is moist (but not soaking) he won't dry out. Switch the mealworms for crickets, mealworms aren't great feeders and pacman frogs are sit and wait hunters who might not even notice the worms unless they're wiggling right in front of him. Be sure the size of cricket is right and he has lots of hiding places/crumpled papertowel to burrow in. Is he in a quiet part of the house? Keeping warm?

    Keep in mind your frog is very young and probably wasn't at the petstore for long, since developing legs this frog has been ripped out of it's first home,shipped who knows how far, dumped in a new brightly lit tank with lots of people walking by every day, carried away again, added too a new home, moved again while still adjusting and every-time someone picks him up he's going to assume they're trying to eat or threaten him, additionally if there's a temperature difference between the pet store and your home he may also be adapting to that.

    Give him time to settle in, a few days without food will not harm him and he may have been digesting a good sized meal the day you brought them home. ^^

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    Default Re: baby pacman won’t eat

    Any luck with your frog yet?

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    Default Re: baby pacman won’t eat

    tried to send a message through with some pics, no he still hasn’t eaten, just sits there. had a bowel movement last thursday but that’s it.

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    Red face Re: baby pacman won’t eat

    Quote Originally Posted by joshMcStuffins View Post
    tried to send a message through with some pics, no he still hasn’t eaten, just sits there. had a bowel movement last thursday but that’s it.
    Will it let you email them to me? I can post them if you want. Drag and dropping usually works when the 'insert image' doesn't load.
    Both a photo of the frog and setup may help.

    As long as he's not loosing weight he'll be fine for quite a while. Mine went at least two full weeks without eating early on and was a very sparing eater for a while afterwards until I got everything under control.

    Have you made any changes to his care? Particularly to his temperature, and offered crickets?
    What do you measure the temp with? Maybe evaporation is keeping the bin a little cooler than it seems.

    He pooped so it's not likely to be an impaction and that he was eating recently so it's unlikely to be lack of appetite do to any parisites, which means it's probably still stress or something is off about his setup.

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    Default Re: baby pacman won’t eat

    I'll give it a shot on my PC. These were taken today. I have a under tank heater on the side, its low wattage, i don' have anything to tell how warm it is other than just putting my hand on the inside of the tank to get a feel for it. I mist him 3 times a day, morning, afternoon and evening. I've been keeping 2-3 crickets in the tank with him at a time. the ones in the tank are "brand new". the crickets are fed cricket food and calcium. hes got substrate to burrow in and a water dish that is changed daily. the paper towel is also changed daily. i keep my bedroom light on during the day and off at night for a day/night cycle. He poo'd last thursday but i have honestly not seen him eat since i got him which was 2 or 3 weeks ago. Name:  pacman 1.jpg
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    Default Re: baby pacman won’t eat

    it looks like pacman ate one of his crickets..more to follow

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    Default Re: baby pacman won’t eat

    What a gorgeous frog!! Glad to hear he ate!

    Tank looks great to me, he could do with a little more cover from the sides, ideally you should cover the back and maybe the sides of the tank with some kind of background, like paper, to keep your frog from feeling exposed, or add a plant/fake fern for the same effect.
    If the room gets natural light from a window there's probably no need to leave the lights on and you can cut down on misting by covering 2/3 of the top of the tank with plastic wrap, just to make things easier. ^^
    If his eating stays slow after a month you could try blocking off about 1/2 of the tank, mine did better with less space oddly enough.
    It would be good if you could get a digital thermometer, like the ones they sell for cooking, but for now it looks like he has enough room to cooldown/warm up as needed.

    Sounds like their getting used to their new home!

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