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Thread: Specific area in PA or NJ to find Gray Tree Frogs

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    Default Specific area in PA or NJ to find Gray Tree Frogs

    Hi- I recently found a gray tree frog in our yard at the Jersey Shore. We took him home and heís doing really well. Iím getting a decent sized Exo Terra and I would love to give him company, but Iím reading on here that Backwater and lll isnít the way to go. Id love to catch another one but Iíve had no luck. I would prefer a tadpole or a foglet but I donít know where to go. The Bay is located on our corner, but other then that, thereís no ponds or water areas I can go to look. Iím someone who doesnít mind a road trip. So Iím willing to travel to any pond in PA or NJ to any area where someone knows I can easily find froglets/tadpoles. I just want Zack to have some company. Any advice is greatly appreciated! -Thanks so much

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