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Thread: Best dart for group living in 55g set up?

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    Question Best dart for group living in 55g set up?


    I'll post a thread with this question/info in the beginners form too tomorrow. Looked at josh'sfrogs dart info but want users input that own dart species

    Tank dimensions: 48" long, 14-15" high (still have to add abg), 12" wide
    Humidity: 70+ (probably higher like 80-90)
    Temp: high 60sF to mid 70sF
    Tank Placement: just outside home office moderate to high foot traffic area
    Water Feature: currently none but can add stream/pond
    Frog size wanted: ideally UNDER 2" to reduce damage to plants.
    Frog temperament wanted: adults get along in group
    Frog Noise level: well this is not in the bedroom so as long as they aren't as loud as birds I don't care, but I'd prefer medium to quiet calls-this is low on priority list.

    Tank will have emersed aquatic plants so a lot of humidity. I a lot driftwood in there but its more for us (humans) to enjoy than the frogs to jump on-I'll have vertical tanks (20g long and maybe 20g high vertical conversions) later so don't mind the frogs not jumping on the wood.. even if it spans most of/the whole tank. Anyways I want something to utilize the 4 foot length that will get along well in a group as adults. I don't plan to breed for sales/increased #s (won't collect and grow out tadpoles-they're on their own).

    Shown in order of preference.. may try more options tomorrow

    zip ties are temp so I can back up from tank and view.. also the large rock won't be part of the final display (i hope)-wood slips on trash bag i sued to keep from ripping the weed guard stuff.

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    Default Re: Best dart for group living in 55g set up?

    I have had great success with bicolors in groups and I understand that terribilis do just as well. I've also kept leucomelas, but they seem more shy than the bicolors, which are very bold and in the open all day. I also have a nice group of Ameerga bassleri and they do very well, with each one perching in its own spot observing a subtle pecking order. If you would consider thumbnails, I used to keep variabilis in a group of up to seven in a 20-gallon viv and they thrived. You could probably put at least 12 to 15 in a viv that size. I hope this helps. Also, some say that auratus do well in groups, but I found that over time certain timid frogs would decline and disappear leaving a pair or trio of survivors.

    Groups that start out together do best and you can likely count on a few losses, so if you want a group of say 5-6 of the larger species, I'd start with 7-8 juveniles. The ameerga and variabilis will make use of the drift wood, whereas the other species I mentioned will mostly stay on the ground. You might want to consider that when you decide on a species. If you get primarily ground dwellers, make the floor a little more complex that will allow individuals to rest out of direct sight of the dominant frogs. Sometimes strategically placed plants or small changes in bottom elevation help reduce the stress that some groups experience.

    BTW - really like your viv design.
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    Default Re: Best dart for group living in 55g set up?

    I agree with JimO. Definitely go with a group of Phylobates bicolor or terribilis. Great build by the way.

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