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Thread: A question on LED lighting

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    Question A question on LED lighting

    I'm creating a house for Lydia, my American Toad, in a 166gallon storage container made of clearish plastic. I want to have a light for her that will provide uvb for her, but also help the plants grow.

    I have an autumn fern, ivy, and chameleon plants that will be going in there.

    I'm trying to set up a sustainable vivarium with a drainage layer, etc.

    But between the fact that she's a northeastern American toad and the plastic "tank" I want to use the cooler temp LED lights.

    My Google fu isn't the best and I've been searching, but I haven't found any lights that sound like they have the range for her and the plants, am I just misunderstanding descriptions or do they not exist? Does anyone have something they've used and would recommend?

    Thank you!

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