Some back story..
SO a few years back I was going to do a 40g breeder vivarium. Had wood picked out and everything, [even had a thread here].. but after photobucket [censor]red everyone over with the huge yearly charge I stopped using them... But things came up and I had to set it aside.. ended up selling the wood (wish I hadn't now), and used the tank for goldfish aquaponics to grow mostly lettuce (but also kale). At the time I had a lot of aquariums.. too many (i stopped counting after 23 tanks with fish and plants.. >.>). But I've been cutting back as fish pass on from old age. Down to a more manageable 8 stocked aquariums now.

SO now I want to set one up again but decided to use my very old and very varied in uses 55g tetra tank. It's been through a lot from aquarium to aquaponics, to riparium, to aquarium again.. It had a bad blow out a few years back on bottom pane of glass. I got to juggle transferring fish to another tank with trying to keep flooding to a minimum.. and completely ignored the family I had over for dinner that evening (thankfully hubby took care of them).

Here's a photo from my favorite time: riparium mode.. completely over taken with house plants bought locally at home depot/lowes/grocery store.. the root system under water was ridiculous! Really wish I hadn't sold the plants off.. miss it..
I swear there's a 55g tank under there.. somewhere O.o

ANYWAYS. Finally decided to set up a viv after I watching some videos from this youtube channel (seriously go check them out). Will upload some (crappy) build photos over next several days/weeks as things are put together.