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Thread: Question about coco husk substrate

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    Default Question about coco husk substrate

    I have 16 or so tree froglets and want to know if ive got what they need in their tank.i just got some coco husk substrate and noticed that it sticks to them a bit and im afraid they may accidentally ingest some while feeding.thwy are about 7 week's old.i haven't been able to afford everything they need but I've got a pretty good just new to this and want to make sure they have what they need.i have a 20 gallon tank and I put a large plate of distilled water and some sticks and leaves in there as thinking of removing the husk and getting some aquatic rocks.any advice would be appreciated. Also need to know if tree frogs have to have heat.thanks
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    Default Re: Question about coco husk substrate

    At this stage I recommend using moist unprinted paper towels to avoid swallowing of substrate and bacterial growth, but you'll need to change them regularly. Rocks aren't recommended for frogs because they don't hold in any humidity, you're better off with the coco husk. From what I can see in the photos, your tank looks rather dry, are you misting daily? Depending on their environment they do fine in room temperature, but some people prefer to use a low wattage bulb or a heat mat. Lighting is also useful for a proper day/night cycle. Don't use distilled water, as it lacks necessary minerals. Use spring water or conditioned/dechlorinated tap water, making sure to change it daily (don't use distilled water to mist your tank either). Also, make sure you sanitize outside materials before putting them into your set up to avoid introducing bacteria and parasites.

    From your location and photos my best guess would be you either have gray (if the link doesn't work, try logging out) or green tree frogs, linked are their care sheets.
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