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Thread: PAC hasn't eaten In 8+ days

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    Default PAC hasn't eaten In 8+ days

    My frog was eating everyday, through a 4 month period of time maybe going one day or 2 without eating and suddenly he just stopped. I went on vacation and fed him the day before I left he went 3 days without eating and the day I returned I fed him and he ate right away, since then he stopped completely.. he refuses both crickets and nightcrawlers and has no interest in eating.. should I be concerned?

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    Default Re: PAC hasn't eaten In 8+ days

    Hi there.

    My guy recently had a small spurt like this. He needed the temperature just a wee bit higher than what I was keeping it during the day.

    What are your temps like?
    Does he act like his normal self otherwise?
    Is he up & moving around at all?

    If he isn't losing weight or acting "odd" to you, I wouldn't worry too much right now, considering he had been so consistent before. It wouldn't hurt to carefully examine underneath him if you haven't done that yet, just to be safe. My little guy just recovered from red leg, & it was a long month of it. It was something that I had missed, & although I know that red leg isn't always the case, I'd prefer to rule that out.

    I hope more people come along with better advice than me, but I will gladly do my best to help you.

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