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Thread: Heat bulb question.

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    Default Heat bulb question.

    Do any of you use lamps instead of mats? My mat isn't helping the warm side of the enclosure no more than 3-4 degrees at the most, so I need to try something else. The problem is, I have an albino, so I'm very hesitant to add a light for heating, but I need to do something to keep him warm...

    I have an extra 50 watt Nocturnal Infrared Heat Bulb lying around & was wondering if this would be suitable or if I need to purchase something else? Just very worried about lights around my frog, but I can't let him freeze & I'm tired to dealing with heat mats.

    Thank you!
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    Default Re: Heat bulb question.

    I unfortunately do not know much about albinos as I have a regular but I found the red light too intense and dried up the top layer of substrate rather quickly. I also have my tank in my room and the red light bring on 24/7 made it hard for me to sleep. I switched to a purple heat bulb and I find it much better! Although I am not certain this would be ok for an albino. Another option might be a ceramic heat emitter, maybe look into if those are ok with albinos?

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    Default Re: Heat bulb question.

    If you can, getting a ceramic heat emitter is probably the best option! Heating pads don't affect the ambient temperature much. CHE's raise the temp without emitting any light so they're perfect for albinos.

    Just keep an eye on humidity, they dry out the soil quite a bit.

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