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Thread: pacman frog morph ?

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    Default pacman frog morph ?

    i recently got this pacman frog (named Packie), she is obviously a type of albino but she doesnt look like any of the morphs i have looked up so far. she was being sold by the petstore as a "strawberry" wich she obviously is not. any help is appreciated ^^
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    Default Re: pacman frog morph ?

    You have a lovely frog and I'm not sure of the specific morph, but I'm a little concerned about the lower jaw. Often times it only looks like that with a calcium deficiency. Did you plan on taking Packie in for an initial exam at a vet? It might be a good idea. For now, just be sure to dust her food with calcium powder with or without vitamin D3 depending on your lighting setup.

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    Default Re: pacman frog morph ?

    really? i had not noticed anything off with her jaw- but then again she is my first pacman.
    unfortunately i am not packie's first home.
    anyways she eats like a champ and even tries to swallow the tongs along with the food, her hold on them is strong, i was already dusting her food with calcium powder (with d3 she has no lights)

    as for the vet.. it might be hard right now (mom had a knee surgery) but not impossible in the near future.

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    Default Re: pacman frog morph ?

    A sign of MBD in frogs can be an "underbite", or the bottom lip of the jaw sticking out. You usually see very little of the yellow in their mouth when it is closed, but thankfully Packie's case doesn't seem too bad. Judging from what you write, this likely occurred in her first home. It's great she's so enthusiastic about eating! However, it's still good to be cautious. MBD can be a slow, sneaky monster; an animal can still behave normally before it worsens and more worrying symptoms appear. As long as you keep dusting her food, she should be okay!

    As for the vet, she is eating and behaving like a pacman should, so I wouldn't worry too much. In Packie's case, you would just want a vet to give her a look over and make sure she has good bone density.

    EDIT: Also, I tried to do some digging for possible morphs and Underground Reptiles has a Lemon Albino that could be a possible match!

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    Default Re: pacman frog morph ?

    thats a relief, i'll be keeping an eye on her and dust her food. can you give exemples of what i should look for in more worrying symptoms?

    because i think she has another mbd symptom... she does not use one of her front legs. its just always resting Under her, sometimes it looks like the leg is missing but.. its there Under her, it does not seem to stop her from moving since she changes spots in her terrarium. she just looks abit off balance when she moves

    i looked at that leg because i was worried she might have hurt it but it looks exactly like her other front leg, its not crooked and feels just as firms as the one she does use. when you mentionned mbd it clicked that this might be the cause of her leg.

    you can see how she holds herself here:
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    Default Re: pacman frog morph ?

    Oh no, I'm sorry to hear her leg is giving her trouble. Unfortunately, that can be another sign of MBD. Bones can become deformed or fractured from calcium deficiency, though since you said it felt firm, this may have occurred in the past and is hopefully only a lingering disfigurement. Here is a link with other signs of MBD: PetMD

    Keep in mind that when you do take her to a vet, they might want to do blood tests or x-rays, so her bill might be hefty. If anything, hopefully they can just feel her bones to see how strong they are and maybe do a blood test just to be sure. Until then, just keep dusting her tasty food! Packie is very lucky she got an owner who cares so much.

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    Default Re: pacman frog morph ?

    I really hope its just lingering disfigurement, i dint have her for long but im already attached
    I’ll keep dusting her food, had not planned to stop even if she did not have signs of mbd. I noticed she is not a huge fan of dusted crickets, but she won’t hesitate to eat a dusted earthworm. So im finding ways to sneak that calcium in her food.

    her previous owner told us she ate 12 crickets and/or a big hornworm per week. (I plan to vary her diet more then that)

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    Default Re: pacman frog morph ?

    I don't think you have cause for worry, she sounds pretty lively from what you've written and the effects of MBD can be reversed through proper calcium supplementation when it hasn't gotten too severe. Do you know how old she is? Might be good to ask her previous owner just so you can get a good idea for feeding. Young frogs eat more than large frogs, there's a nice chart here which can be a great reference.

    As for food, I would only recommend avoiding mealworms as they are very chitinous and can be a cause for impaction in younger frogs. I also know offhand that waxworms are pretty fattening (I've seen some people describe them as froggy donuts lol) so best limit those if you want to use them.

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    Default Re: pacman frog morph ?

    Unfortunately i dont know her age. She is around 3” long maybe abit more. Her previous owner works ar a petstore nearby i’ll ask if i see him. She eats every 2-3 days, if i try to feed her before that she turns away from the food and ignores me.

    I had read about the mealworms not being that good for frogs. I think superworms were not recommended either?

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    Default Re: pacman frog morph ?

    We had asked when we got her. I belive he said she was between 6 to 8 months old (i’ll ask again to be 100% sure, at first i said I dint know because i was not sure, i talked to my mom she was there when i got her and she gave me the same answer so i belive thats her age)

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    Default Re: pacman frog morph ?

    Good catch on the droopy jaw for MBD. A single horn worm or dozen crickets in a week is a very small amount of food for a growing pacman. One of mine that came from a big pet store had the same issue but got better with proper nutrition. Lots of calcium dusting, being albino it probably wonít need any extra uv which can help them bind calcium. Try a pinky mouse or even a small mouse to really increase the frogs intake, dietary source is always better than supplements, but they are also fattening so donít use them as a food source other than every few months. Was given liquid calglucon by the vet at one point to supplement for a while, but Iím not recalling if it was for the same frog or another that they thought was low on bone density.

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    Default Re: pacman frog morph ?

    Thinking about it thats indeed not alot of food my lizard eats abit more then 12 crickets in a single meal and he isnt as heavy as packie.
    Thank you for the information, im probably already feeding her more. Since in her first week with us she ate: a large hornworm, 5-6 crickets, 4 fish (minnows).
    recently she is eating a mix of crickets and earthworms. (She ate a pinky on her second week)
    I’ve had her for almost 4 weeks so im still adjusting on how much to feed her

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    Default Re: pacman frog morph ?

    What’s the typical feeding rule, however much they want in 15 minutes twice a week. As a growing frog it should be that every two or three days. Mine as adults are eating 3 large night crawlers a week, and could possibly have more since they seem very hungry every time I feed them.

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    Default Re: pacman frog morph ?

    That helps alot, thank you.

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    Default Re: pacman frog morph ?

    Update on Packie: she has put on some weight! She is now at 92g instead of 78g.
    She tried to taste test my fingers twice by now.

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    Default Re: pacman frog morph ?

    I'm glad to hear she is doing well and she's feisty! Sounds like a Pacman in much better health!

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    Default Re: pacman frog morph ?

    She is fiesty! She seems even hungrier then before now that she knows i bring her food. She eats mostly nightcrawlers (dusted with calcium and D3) when we get butterworms and other fancy worms she gets some too. She seems to like the zoomed pacman frog powder food- actually she likes everything. Except crickets she pouted at me when i fed her a cricket and refused to eat her second one so i stopped with the crickets. she also ate a pinky in august~

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    Default Re: pacman frog morph ?

    So glad to hear that. I hope she continues to be hungry and energetic! Keep us updated!

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    Default Re: pacman frog morph ?

    I have this video of her eating some zoomed pacman food. She is ALOT more round then she used to be.

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    Default Re: pacman frog morph ?

    I was worried about Packie, she had not pooped for 2 weeks, we were starting on the third when this morning i find her water bowl with a poop in it! Yay! Never been so relieved to see a dirty water bowl.

    Packie is also 111g now

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