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Thread: Humidity help

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    Default Humidity help

    My husband and I recently got a Whites Tree Frog. In my research I have discovered that they like humidity at 50%. My gage is registering at 70% humidity. How do I lower it? I have also read that the gage I have could be bad and not accurate but how would I know?

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    Default Re: Humidity help

    70% should be acceptable at least for a while. I'd open up the tank, maybe put a fan on it and try to give it some ventilation.

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    Keeping these frogs can vary with what humidity to keep them at. I have kept mine at 60-80 almost 4 years and the frogs are happy. These frogs are found in various regions in their native land so they can tolerate 50% humidity and up. I keep my tree frogs in a paludarium with a plexiglass lid to hold in the humidity.

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