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Thread: Male FBT sluggish, not eating much...

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    Exclamation Male FBT sluggish, not eating much...

    I've had two FBTs in a ten gallon tank for the past year. This past weekend I upgraded to a 20 gallon to give them more space. The female FBT had a difficult adjustment at first but has calmed down and seems to be fine. The male on the other hand seems sluggish, and is not eating much. I moved them out of the ten gallon setup because the tank had begun to stink and gotten to be difficult to keep clean. Here is a picture of the male. Please let me know by its appearance whether or not it is in need of seeing a veterinarian.
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    Default Re: Male FBT sluggish, not eating much...

    This is our first winter with FBT's and they seem sluggish. The house is heated to the mid 60's and I have a heater set on low. They eat but they seem sluggish and spend more time on land than they have all year.

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