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Thread: 2 frogs in separate tanks died within 1 week of each other

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    Default 2 frogs in separate tanks died within 1 week of each other

    I am so heart broken today, last night at about 9:00 pm I found one of my three fire belly toads dead on his back with legs out stretched. I checked on them at about 6:00 when I got home from work, and all three were alive and looked normal. I really hadnít noticed anything unusual with them and he had a bright red belly and dark green back when I found him with no indication of a bacterial or fungal infection. Iíve had these guys for years and never had any trouble with back track to last week on Wednesday I noticed my Pacman frog has been acting strange lately so I dug him up out of his burrow and found he was pretty bloated. Later that night I found him dead as well. I am so afraid for my other two Fire bellies....Iím currently working on cleaning out the entire tank and throwing away all substrate. But does anyone know of something that could be passed between the tanks?? Iím a little worried itís chytrid fungus....or possibly something brought in by the crickets as I feed both tanks crickets from the same batch every week.

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    Default Re: 2 frogs in separate tanks died within 1 week of each other

    Anything is possible unfortunately. Chytrid is unlikely though in this case as you stated they are long term captives. I’ve had multiple die offs over the years due to unknown reasons so don’t beat yourself up. It happens to everyone. It may be coincidence, the crickets, bacterial, viral, chemical, parasites, fungal or any combination of the aforementioned. Just remember to always use good protocols when cleaning and feeding. Good luck

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