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Thread: 55 gallon long - need opinion PLZ

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    Default 55 gallon long - need opinion PLZ

    Hi! I have a free 55-Gallon (long) vivarium that I want to set up. It is approx. 48" long x 17" tall x 13" deep w/ a custom made glass top for humidity/misting setup. Top does NOT allow a ton of ventilation, but there are small screens installed for limited airflow....and because of glass, UVB loving species wouldn't necessarily work as the glass will block rays. Besides that, pretty much a clean slate so I can set up any way needed...but unsure on what SPECIES of frog/toad OR other amphibian to put in it. It CAN hold water if I re-silicone it and it is in used but good working (escape proof) shape. Looking for something that can inhabit this tank really well and will utilize all space provided. PLEASE let me know what you think would go good in this tank! Thank you!

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