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Thread: Pacman stopped eating

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    Default Pacman stopped eating

    Good afternoon,

    I've had a new Pacman frog for about a week and up till recently everything seemed to be going well. He took a day to adjust, but had since seemed fine. He had burrowed into the corner and would occasionally take a soak in the water dish. He was eating just fine, me feeding him one cricket daily. The other day, however, I noticed he had moved form his corner and is now hiding under a log. I didn't pay much attention however, because everything else seemed ok. I did notice that he had gone after a cricket, and that the cricket actually escaped from his mouth the first time, but he eventually got it. Last night and today, however he hasn't eaten. I've put some crickets in there, and even tried rubbing one up close to his mouth a couple times, but he just doesn't care. He's just sitting under that log.

    As far as I can tell, temp humidity seems to be fine. It stays around 80f in the terrarium during the day. He also should be getting enough calcium / vitamin-d as I have both a florescent UVA / UVB light and a calcium supplement with the crickets. Am I perhaps feeding him too much and he just isn't hungry, or should I be worried?

    On a slightly unrelated note, on my last thread I was linked to a care guide, but for some reason I was unable to access it.

    I've left a few crickets in the terrarium, so I'll check in the morning to see if he's eaten, but if not what should I be checking out?

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    Default Re: Pacman stopped eating

    They can get full so I wouldn’t worry. After eating heavily it’s not uncommon or problematic for them to fast for a few days. Can you describe your setup add the size of the frog?

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