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Thread: Pacman Redleg? Please Help

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    Default Pacman Redleg? Please Help

    Hey Guys, I was gifted this frog a few months back, he was purchased from Petco, and since then had been acting fine up until about a week ago, he stopped eating as often as he once was, now hes barely eating anything at all. He sits in pretty much the same spot all day long, no longer burrows into the substrate. His temps are usually between 77-82 and his humidity 65-80%. I feed him crickets, every other batch are dusted. His back legs do seem to be a bit red. I will take a picture so you guys can maybe make your own assumptions and help me out. Maybe hes fine and I am over reacting but i just dont know.
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    Default Re: Pacman Redleg? Please Help

    His legs do seem indicative of redleg or septicemia. The only way to help him is to take him to a vet ASAP. I'm very sorry he is unwell

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