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Thread: Vivarium for American Toad

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    Default Vivarium for American Toad

    I have read the guide on basic vivarium construction above and it was helpful. However, could someone tell me if there are any specific considerations to make when keeping a toad instead of a frog?

    Do toads need a certain pH? Are there plants they do and do not like? How much space do they need?

    Alternately, if someone could recommend a book covering these topics I would be very glad to read it.


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    Default Re: Vivarium for American Toad

    You don't need a water feature for starters. For 2 toads you would need a 29 or 40 gallon to give them enough space. They don't need a certain pH. You can use ground dwelling plants like pothos or English ivy. A lot of house plants work in a vivarium. You don't need uvb for toads a regular day bulb or led would work especially the led for the plants. They are very hardy animals and are very intelligent. Peat moss works well or untreated potting soil or any real reptile soil. Moss will work as well. I am currently really busy but I can give more info later.

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