I have an Australian white tree frog. I've had him for a few months, but I've recently started holding him more often (I honestly used to be scared to hold him). At first, he used to just sit still in my hand- not sure if he was scared of me or what. Now that I'm holding him more often, he's been more active. He climbs and jumps all over me. I'm always sure to wash my hands before holding him so I know that's okay. However, is he okay to climb on my clothing or the furniture?? Is that bad for his skin?

Also, do you think he likes being held? It seems to me that he's become more comfortable in my hands. When I try to put him back in his cage, he always climbs up my arm and makes it difficult to put him back. That makes me think he doesn't want to go back in his cage and would rather stay with me. But who knows.