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Thread: African Dwarf Frog Lump/Cyst

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    Default African Dwarf Frog Lump/Cyst

    I currently have a planted 10 gallon tank with three african dwarf frogs and one betta. I've had the tank (and the affected frog) for about seven months now. Recently, I noticed a lump on the left leg of one frog, and it doesn't seem to be going away or getting any smaller. Could this be a cyst or some sort of tumor? I don't see any lumps on my other frogs. The one with the lump has normal activity and is eating normally. It uses its leg just fine (well, as well as it can), and doesn't seem to be bothered too much by it. I just recently did a 25% water change hoping that might help if something was in the water affecting it. Should I try to quarantine it in a medicated tank? If so, what medications do you recommend? I'm pretty worried about the little guy and I've grown attached, I'd hate if something happened to him.
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