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    I've had a fire belly toad for over a year now and have always been feeding him crickets. Yesterday I went to the store and there were out. I decided to test out meal worms for him. I dropped two in and he ate both of them super fast. Few minutes later I saw that they were in his water bowl. This must mean that he spit them up. Today I gave him another and he ate it right away. I came back a few minutes later and it looked like he spit it out again. I gave him another and he seemed to have kept it down. Is there a reason he is spitting them out? Maybe he is just used to only crickets? If I keep feeding him worms will he eventually get used to them? I have a ton that's why I ask.

    Thank you so much

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    Meal worms have a hard exoskeleton, and are more difficult for herps to digest. That is why they are being regurgitated. When meal worms molt, they are easier to digest, if you feed them while they are still white. Meal worms aren't very nutritious. You might also try dubia roaches. They are more nutritious than crickets, and easy to culture at home, if you wanted a reliable supply of feeders.

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