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Thread: Are my frogs sick? infected eyes and bloating problems

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    Question Are my frogs sick? infected eyes and bloating problems

    Hi everyone! I have two frogs. One I grew from a tadpole and have had for 3 years. Ever since she grew up to a froglet and now adult, she’s had a wonky eye. She never seemed to mind and has gotten along just fine.
    I was just wondering if any one thought i should attempt to treat this as an infection thats shes had for years now. better late than never? I’m not sure and wanted some opinions. Next up is my “rescue” frog. While in college, someone stopped by my dorm. He saw my frog and explained he had one at home that was 12 that he no longer could keep and offered for me to take it. I’ve always thought she was a big fatty. He didnt have a filter on her tank and apparently would just dump in bottles of pellets :/ She has this bloated look on her back but only on the sides, not in the middle of her back. her legs are what I consider fat but didn’t know if someone more experienced thought they were just bloated. The big one has always looked like this and Ive had her one year. Please give me any thoughts and opinions on their condition! I do weekly partial water changes, have a carbon filter, suction out old food and poo, and thats really it for tank maintenance for me.
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