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Thread: Hello, everyone!

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    Default Hello, everyone!

    I'm brand new here, just found out about this place last night and wanted to join in and say hello.

    I was adopted by an eastern American toad we've named Lydia, about a month ago after saving her from being swept away in flash flooding. Since then she's been fairly attached to me and after realising she had no interest in returning to the outdoors I've set about learning everything that I can and trying to create a wonderful house for her.

    The attached photo is from the night she came to us. We were playing DnD and in fact, she's named after my rogue.

    I'm not sure what else to say about myself...
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    Default Re: Hello, everyone!

    Hi and welcome!
    She is cute!

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    Default Re: Hello, everyone!

    Thank you! Good morning! *gulps coffee*

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