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Thread: My tank setup

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    Default My tank setup

    Just curious of everyone's opinions of my setup.
    Day temp: 80-82f
    night temp: 76-77f
    humidity stays in the mid 60's but I have a mister that mists the tank every 2 hours so it's always saturated in the tank
    she's about 6months old captive bred
    diet consists on mostly crickets and occasional night crawlers
    I have a blue day bulb and a red night bulb because it gets cool in my room.
    Substrate: eco earth

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    Default Re: My tank setup

    What are you keeping? Is it a gray tree frog?

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    Default Re: My tank setup

    Pacman frog

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    Default Re: My tank setup

    My advice would be to try and keep that humidity up slight higher, bout 70/80 is optimal !

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