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Thread: Pacman frog behavior

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    Question Pacman frog behavior

    Hello everyone,

    So I bought a pacman frog today, set up his environment and put him in there, however he seems to be hiding under some moss, substrate.

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    I'm curious if this is just him scared to be in a new environment or if I did something wrong. I dropped a cricket in there to see if he would eat, but he didn't seem interested. When he was face to face with the cricket they just kinda stared at each other. I'm also worried that the lamp generating light is adding too much heat. The room temp is generally set from 75 - 78 rn, but the light seems at add significant temp to that.

    Is there a better way to get eh terrarium lit correctly without adding several degrees? And is the shyness of my Pacman normal?

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    Default Re: Pacman frog behavior

    This is perfectly normal Pacman behavior, especially since this is a new environment. With more time, he may even dig a hole to hide himself in. Him not wanting to eat right away is also typical, he is stressed from all the change. Frog Forum has a great care article which can be read here.

    As for temperature, you should buy a thermometer to put into the tank so you can keep track of it. A hygrometer is also a good idea so you know how humid it is as higher humidity is better.

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