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    Default Foam background vs. crickets

    I've got an Exo-terra terrarium that I'm currently keeping my grey tree frogs in, and it came with a stock foam background, like most or all of their terrariums do, but I've noticed recently that the crickets I've been putting in for them to eat have been chewing on the top rim of that foam background.

    I've been doing my best to take out excess crickets during the day so they won't do so as much, and I've always kept something for them to munch on inside the enclosure, usually some kale leaves or bits of other veggies, but I can't get them all, and I can't watch the tank 24/7 to shoo away or take out every single cricket that wanders up there - and given that they're photophilic, it seems like all they're interested in doing is just that.

    My question is, how dangerous could this possibly be to the frogs' health? I'm sure the foam is "non-toxic" but I'm also sure it's not intended to be ingested, second-hand or otherwise. Any feedback is greatly appreciated, because this is really bugging me, and to remove that background would require a total disassembly of their house, and I don't have any other open terrariums at the moment to transfer them to in order to do so.

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    Default Re: Foam background vs. crickets

    I've never had crickets eating the foam. Did you gut load them before putting them in the tank? Maybe you are feeding your frogs too much, they should consume them before the crickets even start chewing on the foam..
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    Default Re: Foam background vs. crickets

    Yes, they're gut-loaded prior to being put into the enclosure. I do put a few more than necessary in with every feeding, because the tank is actually quite large, and very full of climbing surfaces and plants, and I'm afraid if I don't, a couple of them might not find enough food over the course of the night. I do my best to tong feed the ones that like to be more out in the open (and actually go for food on tongs), but I have a couple that are very content with staying hidden 80% of the time - this species more than any other I've ever had are very prone to staying in just a few favorite spots and only really moving when food catches their eye or they want to head to the bottom of the tank to soak. I do my best to spread out the crickets as I release them, but even at night, they're attracted to the heat and minor light the nighttime heat lamp puts off, and still hurry to the top of the enclosure.

    I gut load with a mix of vegetables and fluker's cricket food & quencher, and I always make sure that they're pretty stocked, so that there's a good gut-load for any of them being tossed in.

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