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    I bought a juvenile RETF from my local Repticon 5 days ago, and Iíve been really stressing about him. Heís only maybe an inch and a half long to 2 inches, and heís in a temporary 12x12x18 which will be upgraded as soon as I know heís healthy. Heís got a cork round, grapevine, and a broad-leaved large fake plant with a large shallow water dish on paper towels. The temp is low seventies, and Iíve had conflicting opinions on the humidity but I keep it in the 60% range. The past four days I would check on him before I went to bed and wake up the next morning to find him in the exact spot or close to where I last saw him, and itís really worrying. I threw in a few pinheads and havenít been able to find any except one that drowned, but I donít want to do a thorough search bc itíd stress him out. The only night where I saw he was active was when he was in a 60 gallon tank with a pair of D. Tinc ďAzeureusĒ, but I thought it would be better to keep him out of it once I found the conflicting stuff on humidity and realized how difficult itíd be to feed him. If anyone has any suggestions please help

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    Keeping it separate from your azeureus is better. And sometimes retfs are like that, they dont wake up for 1-2 nights, or move back to the same spot.
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    I would definitely keep it separate. Not sure if the inactivity would mean sickness, especially since it's new. Maybe keep an eye on it, see if activity improves or there are signs that it was moving around in the dark.

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