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Thread: Can you keep a gecko with fire-bellies

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    Default Can you keep a gecko with fire-bellies

    So i've recently come across a few sources that say oriental fire bellies can be kept with other animals? I had just assumed that they couldn't. If not then I would like to get some. I have a small (5'' including tail) nocturnal arboreal fish-scaled gecko that eats dusted crickets. She lives in a 45cm x 45cm x 45cm palidaerium. The the bottom third is split 50/50 into land and water, with a filter and an airstone. The pond contains roughly 2 gallons of water. The other two thirds heavily planted, with a thick canopy of branches. Its kept at around 25 degrees C, uvb is provided.

    I love my gecko very much but she is very cryptic and I barely ever see her. I would love a more active species for the tank.
    Would this be too small to keep them together?
    What if i were to upgrade to a taller tank, would it then be possible?
    If fire bellies are not appropriate, if there another amphibian that might be?

    I do not want to put my gecko in danger, she comes first!

    Thanks in advance

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    Default Re: Can you keep a gecko with fire-bellies

    Mixing species is a pretty controversial topic, and the answer all depends on the person you talk to! FBTs are toxic frogs which means that they secrete toxins into their environment, so this could cause problems for the other species living there. I personally would not keep another species with my FBTs, but I do have a separate tank next to them with a Pacman frog, so you may want to consider putting them in a different tank?

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    Default Re: Can you keep a gecko with fire-bellies

    Even though it’s taboo to cohabitate different species it can be done under certain circumstances. However, these two species are not the two that I would try it with. Firebellys are somewhat toxic as most toads are, they are likely wild caught and may harbor parasites and other pathogens and they can foul a small water feature very quickly. If you want fbts I’d say set up a separate vivarium for them and enjoy them that way. Why risk a healthy gecko ( I’ve never seen any fish scaled species for sale in the US btw).

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