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Thread: Unknown Green Tree Frog Ailment

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    Default Unknown Green Tree Frog Ailment

    Currently housing 3 GTFs in an 18x18x24, they have always been active, calling, moving, and hopping. Noticed one morning that they were nowhere to be found, and later discovered them all hiding on the floor of the enclosure, the sudden onset of bizarre behavior by all three made me believe a husbandry issue, but Ive quarantined all of them in a critter keeper to ensure eating properly and easier observation and quarantine, only to discover one of my frogs has this. Cant find anything like it and he seems to be having trouble breathing and randomly opens and closes his mouth. None of the others have this and one has resumed normal behavior.
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    Default Re: Unknown Green Tree Frog Ailment

    There are parasites which will live in a frog's lungs. This would explain his difficulty in breathing and opening his mouth, but I'm not a professional.

    He looks like he needs a visit to the vet. Even though the others aren't presenting symptoms, they likely also have the same condition.

    The uneven and discolored shed has me concerned, as well.

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