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Thread: Impaction question inside.

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    Unhappy Impaction question inside.

    I was feeding beast mode last night and he lunged at the worm to eat. I noticed there was something else in his mouth, it was kind of a rather large piece of cocunut fiber, like a square chunk. Should i be worried, it was kind of big. I tried to snatch it away as fast as i could but, he downed it. anything i should do?

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    no he should be fine cocanut fiber shouldnt impact youe little guy mins swallowed a mouth full of it and nothing happened they can digest that with no problems.

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    it will actually break down in their stomach? seemed rather large and dense.

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    Sounds like you're describing coconut husk. He won't be able to break that down - he'll have to pass it intact through his gut. That's a significant impaction risk but there's nothing you can do about it now. In all likelihood he'll be alright but make sure you remove all chunks from the terrarium.
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    my pacman was impacted with a large piece of moss and didnt eat for 7 days, i asked the breeder wat to do and he said to soak him in a small bowl of warm water to he passed it out and it worked! give it a try

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    He's been eating regularly but, i've been keeping an eye out for any strange behavior. How can I get her on a different time schedule as far as eating a bit earlier? I go to bed around 10pm and she usually doesn't grace me with her presence until around midnightish.

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    Talking Re: Impaction question inside.

    Since the time I origanly posted this, I havn't seen a change in my frog. Well, except for she's gotten huge, fast. My girlfriend has had to feed her because she is only out and about around the time I'm on my way to work and I dont think she wants to stay up and feed my frog the ammount I do. Usually a couple crickets and a worm, my gf refuses to touch the mealworms lol. Tonight, 3 crickets 4 mealworms and 2 trout worms. Also, I've noticed with these trout worms is that when you take them out of the carton, they wiggle and hop around and the earthworms just kind of slither around, the frog is very eager to eat these. So, i hope all is well, thanks for the replies and help

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