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    I am very worried about my 1 year old Pacman frog. I cleaned his cage yesterday, by only using water.
    He was just fine and burried a little bit in the new substrute, but the last few ours he is suddenly moving
    with his legs all the time, it looks like het is stretching a little bit. I use coconut fiber as a substrate, the
    temperate is around 25 degrees and I just sprayed him with water, so I don't know what is wrong. Does anyone have
    some advice or know what to do? Normally he just sits and waits till he get some food!

    Thank you in advance!


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    Make sure you are decholrinating the water. It sounds like it could be toxing out.

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    I agree with Hill, that is textbook Toxing Out Syndrome. Do you treat your water? If you don't, you need to get a reptile water conditioner/dechlorinator to remove chlorine and chloramines, which are toxic to frogs.

    The link Hill posted is very helpful, I would follow the steps there.

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    Thank you both for answering. I changed his waterdish with dechlorinated water and he looks fine for now. If he start doing it again or stops eating I will put him in some dechlorinated water but for now I think he only gets more stessed. How do you normally clean the cage, with water only or do you use something that is not to toxic for the frog?

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    I use vinegar and hot water to clean my tanks. Take the frogs out and rinse with vinegar, then rinse with hot water until you can’t smell the vinegar anymore then let it dry before putting the frog back in. You don’t have to worry about dechleoinating the water you use to clean, just make sure any water that touched the frogs skin is clean and free from chemicals or chlorine.

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    First, are you sure he wasn't molting, mine do it every time they get a bit dry and then I give them fresh moist dirt.

    Next, I wash my tanks with water only every other time, and use a spray called healthy habitat and then a lot of rinsing the other half of the time. Always use dechlorinated or spring water to hydrate the dirt and for soaking the frog.

    Lastly, don't soak them too often. Had issues with one and started soaking them all every other day. The poor little craigslist rescue that hadn't been fed much for the first 6 months of its life started having muscle spasms, turns out they were being depleted of nutrients from soaking too much, he was just the first to show symptoms. As long as I'm diligent about keeping their houses and dirt at a good humidity level, I only soak them every week or two, but they also have bowls they can go to if they ever feel the need to soak, which is somewhat rare.

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    I am still not sure what was wrong, but luckily he is fine now. Thank you for the tips!

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