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    Question Overfeeding?

    I'm new to this new forum but I figured it would be useful to find answers from people who are knowledgable about feeding toads and frogs. So I just came from work a week ago (45 minute commute), and I rescued a baby toad (about 3/4 inch in size) who was found in the passenger area in the back of my car. I'm not sure how long it was there for, but I've been keeping it a 5 gallon plastic container with a water dish, hiding spots, and coconut fiber as my substrate. I've been feeding it pinhead crickets and very small mealworms I've bought at the pet store once a day (just giving the toad 1 mealworm/1 cricket a day). Its been eating which is a good thing, but I plan to slow down since its gotten to a pretty chubby size since I found it. Just hope its not impacted or anything serious. I've been researching that such foods contain chitin, which is hard to digest. Just looking for advice and if anyone can inform me the species of the toad, it would be appreciated! Attached is the current state of the toad.

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    I wouldn’t worry about overfeeding a toadlet this size. One or two 1/4 inch crickets a day is fine. I’d avoid mealworms though as the chitin level is high in comparison to other feeders. A good supplemental feeder is black soldier fly larvae. They are often sold as Phoenix worms in pet stores. Also rather than buying crickets every day your best bet would be to purchase a dozen once a week, keep them in an escape proof container like a kritter keeper and gutload them before feeding. By gutload I mean feed your crickets carrots, organic dandelion greens, potato or a commercial feeder diet before offering them to your toad. They will be more nutritious for your toad this way. You may also choose to supplement by dusting your crickets with something like repashy supercal once a week or so. Good luck.

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    Looking very healthy. I wouldn't slow down the feeding as long as he gets his fill in 10 minutes. Are you feeding him any nutrients and suppliments like calcium?

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    I haven't the first week, but I do plan to start for this coming week for once a week!

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