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Thread: Baby Pixie Frog Feeding Questions

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    Default Baby Pixie Frog Feeding Questions

    Hello folks,

    I got a 2Ē froglet just over a week ago and I wanted to know if Iím feeding it right. My froglet is currently fed twice a day (morning and evening) with a mix of right-sized Blaptica dubia and superworms, also dusted with Repashy Supervite. A couple of questions:

    1. Is it safe to feed my froglet regularly with the vitamin supplement? Iíve read somewhere this is not advisable but please confirm.
    2. Can my froglet become obese by feeding it twice daily? Iíve noticed it significantly grow to about 1.5x his initial size in just a week. (Or maybe Iím just imagining this)


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    Default Re: Baby Pixie Frog Feeding Questions

    Sounds like he/she are some healthy eaters. I always fed mine once a day as juveniles as much as they can eat in 10-15 minutes. It worked for me but i'm sure others may have done differently. I dust food with vitamin once a week while there still young and calcium twice a week. In the forum there is a great feeding schedule post that you should look at.

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