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Thread: New to red eye tree frogs cant get it to stay humid please help

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    Default New to red eye tree frogs cant get it to stay humid please help

    I have a 18x24x18 Exo Terra tank setup with a 50w basking bulb and a 5.0 uvb bulb aswell as a mostkong system with just one nozzle set to spray 5 times a day for a minute. The tank has a false bottom and coconut fiber bedding with sphagnum moss on top of it. I have various plants in there that I purchased, took out their dirt and soaked in filtered or spring water. I also did the background with the coconut fiber, sphagnim and some orchid wood chunks. My humidity at night keeps going down to 40. As the tank is in my soms room. And I already lost one frog that was perfect but got some red sores on her and last night she just hopped down and passed away. My other tree frog looks great though I dont see him eat he looks plump. The female I saw maybe a week ago sitting on the glass with her mouth open looking like she was turning to get something out of her stomachs. That same day I saw her eat a cricket but she got coconut fiber all in her mouth. Maybe she got impacted and didnt do well? Idk. Anyone witness this before? Or can lead me in the right direction to get the enclosure more humid steady?thanks in advance.

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    Default Re: New to red eye tree frogs cant get it to stay humid please help

    I don't know what's wrong with your frogs but try adding extra water to the water bowl (you do have one, right?) before you go to bed. Spray your tank with some water too. If that doesn't work try adding a second water bowl.

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    Default Re: New to red eye tree frogs cant get it to stay humid please help

    I used to have a similar humidity issue, and what I found helped the most was to just buy a simple humidifier and place close to the terrarium. I keep it on throughout most of the day, since I find that occasional mistings don't help very much.

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    Default Re: New to red eye tree frogs cant get it to stay humid please help

    I’m more concerned with the red sores on your other frog that passed. I’d monitor your remaining frog closely as red sores can be signs of an infection. As far as humidity goes you can cut a piece of glass and place it over part of the screen top to restrict some of the ventilation.

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