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Thread: PacMan frog sudden death

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    Default PacMan frog sudden death

    Hey everyone, went to spray my little guy just a few minutes ago and poked him a little to make sure heís all good and it turns out heís dead. I got him in March from petsmart and have him in an eco terra mini I think thatís 12x12x12 with coco fiber substrate. I have a blue UV bulb that heats the tank that I turn off at night and a heat pad to supplement. I fed him/ her small crickets dusted with calcium powder with D3 and I give him a warm bath about once a week. I have no clue how he died as Iím sure I covered all the bases in proper care, so if anyone can help me with a direction that would be great. Could it be petsmart just giving me an unhealthy frog? He never really grew too much but he always seemed to eat the crickets. This is a picture of his underside minutes after taking him from his tank. Thanks for anyone who can help.Name:  C5235D5F-871C-4005-8368-7E174486B842.jpeg
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    Default Re: PacMan frog sudden death

    Hey Mhoyle, I'm very sorry about the loss of your frog. It sounded like you were doing things right, and his underside is nice and pale, so it doesn't look like septicemia was a cause.

    If you would like to dig into possibilities to why he died, it may be a good idea to fill out the Trouble in the Enclosure form and post it here. That way, we can analyze the information and see if something was off with his environment, behavior, etc.

    There's also a possibility that there was something amiss with him from the start. Petsmart and Petco are infamous for selling unhealthy pets and it could be why he failed to thrive.

    One thing that does jump out at me is you had a blue UVB bulb and were giving him calcium with vitamin D3? Generally when you have UVB lighting, frogs are able to produce their own vitamin D3, so giving them calcium with D3 can be too much. However, since Pacman frogs like to bury themselves, it may negate the effects of the UVB light, too. At least this is my understanding of it, someone with more experience may be able to confidently tell you more about the use of UVB lighting with Pacman frogs and correct me. Regardless, I doubt this is what caused it.

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    Default Re: PacMan frog sudden death

    I had the exact same thing happen to me...twice. The first one I bought was from Petco, it was just a baby, and he lived for about 2 months. He had a very poor appetite and was very lethargic and burrowed/hid constantly from the start. The second one I bought from Petsmart was bigger, actually ate 2 crickets in the store in front of me before I took it home, and was much more active. The second one was doing so well, eating, pooping, bathing, hopping around in the tank, I was so happy that he was so much healthier than my first one. One day he completely burrowed under the substrate with only his butt sticking out, usually when he burrowed he would leave his eyes and nose out during the day and come out at night, so I thought it was kind of weird. The next day before I went to work I checked on him and he had come out and looked normal so I thought everything was fine. When I got home from work that evening he was dead. He showed absolutely no signs of being sick aside from burrowing the day before, and died after only like 3 weeks of having him. The temps and humidity were good in my tank and I was doing everything right, there wasn't really an obvious reason why he died. I think Petco/Petsmart just sell sick or poorly bred frogs and I would suggest not buying another one from them no matter how healthy it looks in the store. I just bought my third Pacman from a breeder at a reptile expo on Sunday so I'm hoping to have better luck with this one. Everyone I've talked to suggested that I buy one from a breeder as they usually have healthier and better bred frogs for sale.

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