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Thread: WTF bloated, multiple spots that are bleeding. Help?

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    Default WTF bloated, multiple spots that are bleeding. Help?

    I brought home 2 whites tree frogs about 3 weeks ago from a Repticon. I also got a waxy Monkey tree frog from the same vendor that never ate anything, had what looked to be scars on his body and a sore on his foot that kept bleeding, and it passed away last week. The whites both looked much better, however, were both eating crickets regularly, active, etc. Until about 2 days ago, I noticed one of them looked slightly bloated around his throat, I chalked it up to him being a male and calling until the next morning I found him sitting on the bottom surrounded by spots of blood. It seems to be coming from multiple little spots under his arms, one on his back and a couple tiny ones on one of his back legs. The left side of his stomach is also very bloated along with his throat and the bleeding is still happening intermittently. What could this be??

    I soaked him in a honey-water mixture yesterday, then in clean dechlorinated water for a while, and put him back in his tank with a large container of water that I'm changing out every few hours. Does anyone have any ideas what could be causing this and is there anything else I can do to help him? Could this be a disease that got passed around from the monkey treefrog, since they all came from the same place? The other whites tree frog isn't showing any symptoms as of yet, is there anything I should do for that one preventatively?

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    Default Re: WTF bloated, multiple spots that are bleeding. Help?

    Separate them immediately. Theres no telling what they might have that you can't see. poor froggies! It sounds like a bad case of red leg, could you provide some pictures?

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    Default Re: WTF bloated, multiple spots that are bleeding. Help?

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    Default Re: WTF bloated, multiple spots that are bleeding. Help?

    May be redleg, I can't tell but skin infections are pretty serious. the best thing would be to disinfect what the frog's touched, and monitor your other frogs. The vet may be the best bet since skin problems in frogs esp. redleg are serious and can kill quickly.
    (There may be home treatments for redleg, I don't know what they are.)

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    Default Re: WTF bloated, multiple spots that are bleeding. Help?

    Odds are this is a substantial bacterial infection. The best course of action is to bring this frog to a vet ASAP. In the mean time isolate it preferably in another room in a quarantine tank. Wash your hands any time you do any feedings or maintenance and eliminate anything that could come into contact with other frogs in your collection. Most likely broad spectrum antibiotics are needed since many anuran infections present with similar symptoms. Make no mistake you have a very sick frog on your hands. Good luck. Also, who was the vendor you purchased them from?

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    Default Re: WTF bloated, multiple spots that are bleeding. Help?

    Poor little guy! To echo everyone else, the symptoms are making me think it's septicemia aka bacterial infection. Try your best to get into a herp vet soon.

    For now, try to keep his wounds from getting infected. Dab Neosporin without painkillers on the bleeding spots. If you don't have that and have simple eye contact solution, you can also use that to keep the wounds clean since it's essentially a saline solution.

    Best of luck to you!

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