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Thread: Baby Pixie Toad Questions!

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    Wink Baby Pixie Toad Questions!

    Hey everyone!
    I bought a pixie toad last week, I love him very much. The first day I took him home he ate about 50 crickets in one go, ever since he's barely been eating. A few crickets every few days and a few superworms, I can't help but worry!

    Some information about the toad and setup

    - He's about 1.5 inches long, still fairly small
    - I have a 15G tank, the temperature is around 77 and the humidity is around 60-80%
    - I've fed him crickets, superworms, mealworms and hornworms.
    - I'm using coco fibre and i have a shallow water bowl in the tank. Some leaves and what not.
    - I can't tell if his bowel movements are normal or if they are happening at all. I most likely can't see it.
    - Im trying to feed him everyday since he is still a baby
    - I also can't really tell what is normal and abnormal behaviour for a pixie. He's pretty docile, loves to burrow and sit against the glass. Sits in his waterbowl
    - I've been taking him out of his tank and into a smaller one to feed, maybe that's causing more stress?

    I've talked to a few people at the reptile store and they suggested it could be stress - getting used to the new environment. i find myself patiently waiting for him to eat a lot so I can stop worrying. Figured id see what you guys think! Let me know if you need any information, any help or advice is appreciated

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    He looks to be well fed so I wouldn’t worry about him/her starving. I’m guessing taking him out of his cage is pretty stressful. Have you tried feeding him using long forceps? I use them for my frog and it works great, he has come to associate them with food. Try feeding him using forceps in his cage and see if his appetite improves.
    as for his bowel movements, I find putting the frog in fresh clean water often get him to... clean out his system if you catch my meaning. Good luck!

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    Default Re: Baby Pixie Toad Questions!

    Thanks so much! i'm definitely gonna try using forceps.
    I've been noticing his bowel movements so thats good!!

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    Default Re: Baby Pixie Toad Questions!

    Oh, by the way if you use forceps be sure to get rubber tipped ones. Your froggie will be biting it a lot and uncovered ones have a chance to hurt him.

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