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Thread: Cyanotoxins, could it effect my animals? How risky is over dechlorinating water?

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    Exclamation Cyanotoxins,can't use water! How risky is over dechlorinating water?

    For the next week or so my water will be contaminated with low levels of cyanotoxins, not enough to harm a healthy adult but babies and the sick could be effected, also pets. I don't know if this could have an effect on my stressed juvenile frog or my leopard gecko, or even my dubia roaches, all of who already received contaminated water thanks to my helpful city not mentioning it for a week, albeit toxins were at very low levels at the time.
    My only other water option is a Brita or something similar, a carbon filter that's effective against cyano/toxins/bacteria/things, but home filters are also supposed to have a negative effect on amphibians over time and since I don't know if the water here contains chloramines I'd need to treat it and I don't want to over treat it since the filter also filters out chlorine..

    So basically I don't know which water source to go with, I'm leaning towards using the carbon filter since it's most likely only a few days until the water is back to normal, unless over treating water with dechlorinator could be dangerous. And how much would I want to use on maybe a gallon of filtered water if using tetrafauna dechlorinator for amphibians and reptiles?

    I also have a little water left from when the cyanotoxins were very low, but it's been sitting around so maybe they grew?

    Bottled water is no longer available anywhere.
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    Default Re: Cyanotoxins,can't use water! How risky is over dechlorinating water?

    Right,I used the filtered water with six drops of tetrasafe to one gallon of water, I haven't used it on my frog yet though. I hope this is not too much dechlorinator, also worried because other reports say the filter isn't good enough..

    I also found some sparkling water should my cat need it..

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    Default Re: Cyanotoxins,can't use water! How risky is over dechlorinating water?

    I don't think over dechlorinating water is bad unless you do it long term. It should be okay temporarily, but keep your eyes peeled for unnatural behavior.

    Are you not able to buy gallons of spring water at the store? You should be able to condition it like normal if it has chlorine, etc. in it.

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    Default Re: Cyanotoxins,can't use water! How risky is over dechlorinating water?

    There was none, but my dad managed to get a pack of water bottles from work, my home filter might not actually be enough, it says it was purified by reverse osmosis, ingredients are water, calcium chloride, sodium bicarbonate.
    This should be fine, right? No treatment needed?

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    Default Re: Cyanotoxins,can't use water! How risky is over dechlorinating water?

    Reverse osmosis water is fine. In fact it’s all I use. Cyanobacteria is present almost everywhere and can be a problem in municipal supplies. As long as you’re using bottled reverse osmosis water from the store you’re fine. However, RO systems are not approved for antimicrobial applications. You would need to filter your home water with a UV sterilizer if microbes are present.

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