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Thread: Amplexus with adult male & juvenile female American toads?

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    Default Amplexus with adult male & juvenile female American toads?

    Hello. I currently have a sexually mature male American toad in amplexus with a sexually immature female. The female is just under one year old and is not the least bit receptive nor able to produce eggs yet but nonetheless the male latched onto her yesterday and hasnít let go since. He just doesn't get the hint but hey, it could be worse I've heard of male on male amplexus lasting multiple days. Sooooooo..... Just curious, does anyone know about how long the male will persist being latched onto her before he gives up (days, weeks)?? She looks highly annoyed and is refusing to soak or eat with him riding piggyback. Haha. Thanks!!

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    Default Re: Amplexus with adult male & juvenile female American toads?

    If it's a serious problem you could just gently take him off of her. He would have to probably go in his own enclosure for a little while until he comes down so he doesn't keep trying to mate with the immature female.

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