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Thread: Age at which male American toad begins to chirp

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    Default Age at which male American toad begins to chirp

    Hello. New here but have been raising American toads and gray tree frogs for a couple years now and there is something that is driving me nuts that I have yet to find the answer to when it comes to male American toads and the age at which they begin to make the chirping “release” call.... This may have already been answered here so forgive me if it has. I have four toadlets (< 3 months old) now and wanted to know the sex of each and was wondering if I would be hearing the males chirp this young or does it take awhile longer before they begin to make the release call?? Thanks a bunch!!!

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    Default Re: Age at which male American toad begins to chirp

    Have you raised American toads and gray tree frogs 4 years and hibernated them then in the spring had them mate? I am building a 125 gallon native Pennsylvania vivarium which has 6 American toads three males and females it will have pairs of wood frogs and gray tree frogs. If you have successfully gotten the American toad and gray tree frog to breed after hibernation I would love to hear your experiences from it as I am attempting to do the same thing with a mini fridge and I have much more on the thread in the other frogs and toads category of this forum that you can go and take a look on and I would love if you did to see if there's something that I missing in order to breed the toads and tree frogs if you already have done so. I would think that around the 8th month to 9 month mark that the Toads who are male would start to call.

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