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Thread: cane toad african bullfrog?

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    Default Re: cane toad african bullfrog?

    i have no answers but i will post a video of the friendliest bullfrog i've ever seen.

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    Default Re: cane toad african bullfrog?

    I can only answer regarding cane toads, but over a decade of keeping I have found them to be pretty hard to tame down into not fearing their keepers. They are all field collected and I have found large specimens hard to settle down in an enclosure. I also have found them to be relatively finicky eaters despite all the videos of cane toads cheerfully eating dry dog and cat food. I do find them very easy to keep clean though--they defecate in the water bowl and as long as it is changed frequently--at least daily and ideally multiple times a day whenever fouled--the rest of the enclosure stays relatively neat. You will likely need to replace substrate more frequently than for smaller phibs.

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