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    Hello! I'm new to this forum and new to amphibians! I have 3 snakes, 2 crested geckos, and 2 guinea pigs. I've had them all for a while now and was thinking about trying something new! I saw a video on YouTube about dart frogs and thought they were AWESOME! I'm wondering if you guys would recommend them for a beginner to frogs like me? How many frogs/how big a tank would you advise? I haven't done much research at all lol, I'm just jumping into this! Of course, I'll make sure I know everything about them I can before I get them I've heard you can just feed them fruit flies? And what is one of the more hardy/forgiving species? Again, I don't know too much about them, I'm just wondering if these are truly a good beginner frog? Thanks everyone!

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    Default Re: New! Questions...

    I personally don’t like discouraging newcomers away from more challenging species. However, ask yourself these questions.
    1. Have you successfully kept beginner species such as bull frogs, horned frogs or whites tree frogs?
    2. Are you comfortable culturing fruit flies and micro fauna such as spring tails?
    3. Do you understand the very specific husbandry requirements of dart frogs?
    4. Can you commit time each day to ensuring constant conditions in a vivarium?
    5. Do you have the funds for the initial set up.
    6. Who will feed and mist your frogs when you are away?
    7. Are you willing to maintain more than one vivarium if a certain frog needs to be separated?

    Dart frogs are not necessarily difficult but they are not as forgiving as many beginner species. There are quite a few nuances between different genus, species and individual frogs. My advice would be to start with firebelly toads or green tree frogs and work your way up. Do plenty of research and be ready to commit before acquiring any species. Personally I wouldn’t recommend any darts for a first time frog. But once you’ve mastered care of easier species any of the phylobates genus are good beginners.

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