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Thread: Am I prepared enough? New to Pacmans

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    Default Am I prepared enough? New to Pacmans

    Hi there! New here. Been planning to get a pacman for some time now but I've decided to get a whole lot of research done first. I'll be getting him from a breeder at a reptile show early June, so I still have time to make adjustments in case there's stuff I'm missing. Could anyone help me out? Thank you so much in advanced!

    Here's what I've got:
    • 10 gallon terrarium with screen lid, threw a towel on half the lid to keep moisture in but I might invest in a little fogger later
    • A couple inches of coconut fiber soil, a hide, a shallow bowl, some plastic plants hanging
    • Mister, calcium powder, still looking for a good water conditioner honestly
    • 40W nano ceramic heat emitter. I have a random large dome from amazon that supposedly can handle 150w but I think I'll buy an appropriately sized one instead?
    • Zilla 500W temperature controller + Fluker's digital hygrometer/thermometer combo

    In terms of keeping temperature + humidity and other conditions like lighting, I've done all my research on what ranges work best. I'll be trying to keep a consistent day/night cycle with just the ambient light of my room and leave heating up to the ceramic bulb. Regular misting, and if it still seems too dry, I'll buy a fogger.

    Food wise, I'll be going with crickets until I can piece up nightcrawlers when they're big enough and maybe the really occasional guppy? Those are usually what's most accessible nearby, though the pet store I work at is nearly always out of crickets lol. I'll have to be swift and maybe hold some at home in a keeper.

    So am I all set aside from the conditioner and heat bulb dome? Anything I might need to know that could help me out? Placement of things like the thermometer, probe, etc? What I should look for when buying? Just general stuff for a newbie since I haven't had any amphibians for a loooong time. Really excited :']

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    Default Re: Am I prepared enough? New to Pacmans

    Some of the probes don’t work well in wet locations. Plus some are unreliable. frogs will burrow if they get too warm so if you are going to use a probe position it so it picks up the ambient temperature of the enclosure. Say on the glass half way between the bulb and the substrate. Remember to provide a gradient which should be no problem with a ten gallon. Let the frog have options and it will go where it’s most comfortable. I wouldn’t even bother with hygrometers as most are inaccurate. As far as substrate I no longer use coco fiber. It clings to their skin and there’s too great a risk of ingestion. I use spagnum moss and leaf litter instead. For feeders I’d avoid guppies. Fish aren’t shown to be high in nutrients plus there’s risks of parisites and infections. Gut loaded crickets should be your main feeder. Suppliment with Phoenix worms and horn worms for calcium, hydration and variety. As far as water I use reverse osmosis water but you can use bottled water. Regarding what to look for: clear eyes, no abrasions, well developed limbs and good body weight. It should look alert but not stressed. Also be advised that there are about three breeders in the US that supply almost all cb Pac-Man frogs wholesale to distributers. So odds are when you go to an expo you’re looking at frogs from the same source. Hobby breeding is almost unheard of for reasons beyond the scope of this reply. Most of all use common sense and enjoy your new pal.

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    Default Re: Am I prepared enough? New to Pacmans

    Thanks a ton for the advice! Substrate wise, I'm thinking of feeding them with an extra bowl/tongs/separate container to avoid impaction all together.
    But thank you again! I'll keep this all in mind. :')

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