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    I noticed yesterday one of my AGTF broke her leg?? I have no idea how, but when she moves she just kind of trails her right hind leg behind her and then when she sits it doesn't go back under her like it's supposed to. What can I do?? No vets around me deal with frogs
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    Which joint was it? How could she break her leg? Is bone poking through? Is she eating? My frog had a broken leg and does just fine. It might heal on its own, maybe a bit crooked but she could be ok. Frogs don't normally tolerate a splint, and being rather slimy it would probably just slide off. It doesn't look very badly broken. Keep us posted!

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    BossFrog is right, there's not much you can do for a frog with a broken leg. I would just keep an eye out for concerning behaviors (like not eating) or physical abnormalities on the leg itself, like skin discoloration. Infection would likely be the biggest issue depending on where it broke and if surrounding tissue was damaged, so try to look up the signs of infection and keep your eyes peeled.

    It may be a good idea to also look up other reasons a frog may drag its leg if you are not 100% positive it is broken.

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