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Thread: springtales and isopods (bioactive tank)

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    Default springtales and isopods (bioactive tank)

    I have set up a tank for my red eyed tree frogs and I am going to put springtales and isopods in my tank. This is my first time using microfauna in my tank, so I'm not sure if I'm going about taking care of them correctly.

    I bought cultures of both springtales and isopods from a local pet store and they told me to make small holes in the substrate and to hide the microfauna into the substrate, which I did. I've been putting some fish flakes and dried shrimp for microfauna to eat and I also had a bromeliad that died, so I buried it under the substrate for the microfauna to eat as it begins to break down.

    The springtales and isopods have been in the tank for a week and I only saw 1 springtale near the beginning of that week. Are there any ways to tell if the microfauna survived?

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    Default Re: springtales and isopods (bioactive tank)

    Generally you won’t see microfauna unless you dig around in the substrate. It’s always wise to keep a few starter cultures for future seedings. If you have a good substrate and match the species to the environment they’ll do well and you’ll never know they’re in there. For high humidity dwarf white isopods and temperate springtails will do well. As far as substrate goes use a drainage layer of gravel or leca, a barrier such as vinyl window screen to keep the substrate out of the drainage layer. Then add a mix of horticultural charcoal, spagnum moss coco coir and cypress bark. Top it off with leaf litter such as magnolia or live oak. This will give your microfauna a perfect place to thrive.

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