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Thread: Didn't find any frogs, but other interesting finds

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    Default Didn't find any frogs, but other interesting finds

    I went out herping yesterday to see if I could find frogs and/or turtles. I didn't end up finding any herps, but I could hear them jumping into the water when I was looking. I wasn't paying attention and when I stepped into the mud I accidentally crushed a few snails. Anyways, I went and looked and realized that there were LIVE snails EVERYWHERE. The banks of the pond were literally coated with snails. I took off m she's so I could get into the water and mud, which also probably saved a couple snails. I also found a few mussels, which makes me pretty excited and happy since mussels are an indicator species. They only live in areas with low amounts of silt and high amounts of oxygen.

    There was some sort of landscaping fabric that was covering a cattail that was trying to grow, so I moved it. When I looked on the other side, I found multiple snail egg clusters. I moved them to some algae that was growing in the water. Of course, while I was doing this, my friends sends me a picture of a toad she found in her yard, and when it was dark my grandma told me she could here frogs from the pond behind her house. Seems like everyone is finding frogs except me.

    I'll probably try going out once it gets darker tonight to see if I can find anything. Wish me luck!
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    Default Re: Didn't find any frogs, but other interesting finds

    good luck! I'm glad you found the mussels

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