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Thread: Frog ate Phorid fly infested Crickets. Is it safe.

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    Default Frog ate Phorid fly infested Crickets. Is it safe.

    Bought some crickets about 5 -7 days ago. Last night about 8:00 pm my daughter said there was 2 dead crickets. She removed them and feed her packman frog.
    When she got home from school at 3:00 pm, all the crickets were dead. When I came home at 4:30 I saw white larvae all over the container.
    After doing some research and finding 2 small flies I was able to identify them as Phorid flies, possibly Ormia ochracea.
    These flies are attracted to the sounds of mating crickets and lay their egg in the cricket. The eggs hatch and eat the crickets from the inside. wich explains why the larvae where so big so quick after death.
    My daughters frog has been eating these infected crickets for almost a week.

    Is there any risk of the frog being infected by the parasite or will digestion take care of the problem?
    What about humans. Do I need to keep an eye out for wigglies under my skin?

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    Default Re: Frog ate Phorid fly infested Crickets. Is it safe.

    It looks like they'll only infect open wounds on the frog. I'm not 100% sure since they're so little information on it. Looks like they're more of a pest in tanks than a parasite in frogs.
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    Default Re: Frog ate Phorid fly infested Crickets. Is it safe.

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