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Thread: Unknown Skin Disease/Infection PLEASE HELP

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    Default Unknown Skin Disease/Infection PLEASE HELP

    Warning, Graphic Description & Images
    I recently purchased a female adult red eyed tree frog that has developed a larger cyst-like bump on it since my purchase. It is located on it's back, pops out above her skin, and has continued to ooze a yellowish liquid with a bit of blood. There seems to be a hole/darker area in the middle of it and the bump itself is a bloody-brown color. I've looked online all over and can't seem to find any information on what it might be. I've consulted with a few breeders as well and they have also never seen anything like it.
    Would anyone know what this is and how I or a vet should treat it? It appears that her personality has not changed and as far as I know she has continued to eat. It also does not appear to be contagious as the two male red eyed tree frogs that I bought with her have not shown any signs of this. I have since moved her to a separate quarantine tank away from the males.
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