Hi everyone, Iím new here!

Ive always loved frogs, when I was a kid (and even still) my favorite thing to do was to go out and look for frogs and toads! For the longest time my favorite animal of all time was the red eyed tree frog.

As as I got older I realized I hated crickets and decided to get into geckos. I currently have 2 cresteds, 1 chahoua and 1 leachie. My cresteds and leachie are behind lazy so they enjoy eating their PANGEA complete diet. My chewie enjoys his PANGEA and Dubia roaches. When I got my chewie and realized that Iím not terrified of roaches I figured Iíd start to research frogs!

Ideally j wanted something thag was hardy and has no high temp requirements... and I wanted a new pet that wasnít nocturnal for once! So here I am.

I plan on upgrading my leachie to a 40 gallon tank and as a result Iíll have a 29 gallon tank free. Iím hoping this will be a suitable sized tank for a few FBT? I plan on modifying the screen lid so I can try out a mister for humidity as well.

I want to try live plants, but Iím hesitant about planting them in the tank, could I instead put them in small terra-cotta pots and kinda hide them by placing cork park on them? Does that make sense?
I would like to use a large water dish/shallow bowl for water, Iíve never set up a filter/aquatic environment for anything other than tropical fish.. is it easier to have a small filter? Would I need to test the water like I would with an aquarium? Will I have to worry about the nitrogen cycle?

I hope to find inís a way to build a natural looking ledge so they can explore the most tank space and not just be limited to the ground. I wouldnít do anything super high, but a small rock ramp and ledge with some moss could look nice?

What are some big dos or donts?

Am am I off on the right track planning wise? Could anyone share their set ups and maintenance schedules? Also how often to feed? Can I put roaches in a bowl in the tank so they donít run and hide in the tank?

sorry for the million questions and horrible format. Iím doing this on my phone at work!

Thank you!